Covid-19 Guidelines

We’ve made a number of changes to how we run our courses to ensure everyone’s safety from COVID and comply with health guidelines and social distancing:

• We’ve reduced class sizes for some our courses so there is more space for individual working and for everyone to see and hear easily during demonstrations

• Individual drawing stations during courses

• No working in pairs for now

• Materials and tools pack- each person has their own pack of materials and tools during the course so there’s no risks from sharing

• Space- we have lots of space in our new studio. Most demonstrations are all carried out around ‘island’ benches

• Tutors wear a transparent mask for visibility during teaching

• Course participants wear masks during group demos

• Windows- we have lots of windows to allow for good natural ventilation

• Bring your own laptop if you want to use a computer- Transfer files to us with a USB stick (or via airdrop with macs) and we will print the files for you

• For courses involving computers, we have a dedicated computer and projector space for easier group teaching of digital processes

• Photocopier- We can photocopy any images you need on acetate for you and enlarge/darken as required. Our studio programme assistant will photocopy your material for you

• Press time- we are rotating press time in roughly half hour slots (*) with a full wipe down of any handled surfaces in between participants

Covid- General Health Guidelines

• Do not come to EP if you are displaying any COVID symptoms or are self-isolating under NHS instruction.
• If you test positive for COVID and have been to EP, you must inform EP immediately so we can contact everyone that you may have had contact with
• Please see the Terms and Conditions for our refund policy if you are unwell or unable to attend

Face Coverings
Unless medically exempt, we require all visitors and staff to wear face coverings when entering and leaving the building and in shared corridors and enclosed or busier shared areas.

In the print studio specifically we require face coverings to be worn only in the following areas:
• During Group Demonstrations
• When approaching staff for advice/materials
• When working in any shared areas such as paper tearing area, ink-mixing areas and at the press

We do not require people to wear face coverings when working at their individual base station during a course. We are aware that when working it is necessary to move between different areas of the studio. Please respect other peoples space and wear a face covering when working in any shared area.

Sanitise your hands
Please sanitise your hands when you enter the building and wash your hands throughout the day as is common in printmaking.

Temperature monitoring
Staff will take your temperature when you arrive to minimise the risk of people who are not displaying symptoms from working in the studio.

Participants are responsible for their own safety.
We ask everyone to contribute to ensuring the studio is a safe working environment by being responsible for their own safety, wiping down equipment to sanitise after use, respecting each others personal space and observing 2m distancing at all times.
Clean hands and surfaces regularly. EP provides anti viral spray and cloths.

During the course each person should sanitise any shared equipment before use to ensure it is clean and safe.

Please bring a packed lunch, water bottle and or a flask. Although the café is currently closed, the Café space downstairs is set out with distanced tables and chairs. Please note the upstairs kitchen cannot be used for now as it is too small a space and we cannot offer any kitchen facilities or shared access to kettles/microwaves/glasses/mugs.

Aprons and Gloves
Please note we can no longer provide any shared gloves/masks or aprons. So wear old clothes and bring aprons if you have one
We provide latex gloves during the course, we advise bringing a large or extra large pair of rubber gloves too (they are easier to get on and off)