Which type of course is right for me?

Taster Courses

These short one or half day classes are designed as an easy introduction to a printmaking process. If you have never had any printmaking experience or taken a creative class before these classes will be a fun, engaging experience.

Please note Taster classes do not provide any studio membership on completion. Due to the short nature of these courses we do lots of the preparation for you and streamline the process, so you get a finished print at the end of the day. This does mean that you will need more training before you are self-sufficient in this process and able to work in the studio without assistance.

Beginner Weekend Courses

These courses are designed to introduce you to a printmaking process in more detail starting with basic ‘how to’ techniques leading to the production of your own print. We run these courses over a weekend or as an evening class. They are perfect for absolute beginners or those who haven’t had any printmaking experience for a few years and would like to re-learn basic techniques. They are a good starting point for further development in learning the art of printmaking.

Improver/Follow-Up Courses

These classes are designed for those who have completed one of our introductory Beginner courses. They aim to help you further develop the skills you have learnt as a beginner to enable you to work more independently in our printmaking studio. 

Intermediate Courses

These classes are intended for those who have taken one of our introductory Beginner courses and for those who have existing printmaking experience and would like to learn a new technique or develop their existing skills. They are designed to run for two days over a weekend. 


Our Masterclasses are an artist led course allowing you a glimpse into their working processes. They can be taken by
those with no printmaking experience or those who are experienced practitioners.

What is an Associate Membership?

On successful completion of a full weekend course, you will be eligible to apply for a free associate membership of Edinburgh Printmakers Studio for three months after your course. This gives you access to follow-up sessions and training to get you started in the studio. Free associate membership begins immediately after the course and cannot be deferred or delayed. Depending on the complexity of the process and your previous experience you may be required to take further training in your chosen printmaking area before you can use this membership to use the studio independently. The tutor and studio staff can advise you on whether you need to take further training before working without technical support.

Are the courses physically demanding?

Printmaking usually involves some physical activity requiring good mobility, some upper body strength and hand and wrist dexterity. Part of the course may be seated but a large portion of the time will be standing and moving. We have some seats and high stools should you need to rest.

What kind of working environment can I expect during my course?

The print studio is a bright and airy space with high ceilings and good ventilation.

The print studio environment can have some background noise when presses are being operated. The lighting is a mixture of daylight and LED strip lights. Chemicals and smells from chemicals are kept to a minimum but the print studio can have some odours of inks, detergents and related cleaning products. 

I have a access requirement not covered in the FAQs. What should I do?

Participants with any specific access needs should consult with us before booking to check if the course is suitable for their physical needs or level of printmaking complexity. Please email us at studio@edinburghprintmakers.co.uk or call 0131 557 2479 and ask to speak to the studio.

Who qualifies for a concession ticket?

Concessions are given to: students; unemployed persons, senior citizens (65+), and disabled persons. To book as a concession you must provide proof of status. Unless otherwise stated, courses are for persons aged 16 or over.